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Homeless Veterans Fellowship offers a comprehensive set of services designed to address homelessness among veterans in Utah. Located in Ogden, HVF assists participants to move from being homeless to self-sufficiency.


The Homeless Veterans Fellowship was founded in April of 1989 by an all volunteer board of Vietnam veterans and community professionals determined to do what they could for those who served our country. It had become important to develop a positive program for homeless veterans to help them move toward self-sufficiency.

The program initially was allocated office space in the Marion Hotel, a low cost Single Residential Occupancy (SRO). The program then relocated to an office site on Washington Blvd. Since 1997, the Homeless Veterans Fellowship has resided at 541 23rd St. and consists of three buildings which house office space as well as units for 32 residents in transitional housing.


The purpose of the HVF is to provide a comprehensive range of services to assist the homeless veteran in Utah in move from transitional housing to independent living by providing:

  1. Substance-free, zero-tolerance, stabilized transitional housing.
  2. Acquisition of skills and knowledge necessary to obtain suitable employment.
  3. Acquisition of life skills necessary for independence and self-sufficiency
  4. Employment development and placement in suitable occupations which maximizes the resident's income potential
  5. Substance abuse counseling to promote maintained abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol.
  6. Mental health counseling to assist residents to process issues that may impede their ongoing development.
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Like the aid stations that are placed strategically behind combat zones, the HVF stands poised to receive veterans who are wounded and hurting and who need support and treatment as they transition to their new and healthy role in our community.

The HVF is a community-based aid station founded and administered by veterans. It provides transitional housing and support services to homeless and threatened veterans in Utah in order to transition them to self-sufficiency. The goal is reintegration into society of men and women, currently excluded from the benefits of productivity and self-sufficiency as a result of the physical and emotional wounds they carry.

The HVF is a private, non-profit corporation organized to provide transitional housing, psychotherapy, substance-abuse counseling, case management, employment guidance and community referral services to homeless veterans, committed to improve their social and economic status.
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