Program Information

Transitional Housing (GPD): This program provides supportive services with housing to veterans. Participants work with a case manager and/or counselor to create a treatment plan to identify individual goals and objectives to assist the veteran in identifying the causes of their homelessness and to assist them in obtaining permanent housing. Participants in transitional housing are expected to stay clean and sober while they are in the program and they attend groups and individual sessions to learn new coping/life skills and recovery support.  HVF serves eligible veterans regardless of criminal background and/or credit issues. Eligible veterans must have at least 1 day of active duty and discharge status other than dishonorable. All transitional housing units are located in Ogden.

*Veterans can call 801-392-7662 for information on this program.

Below is a documentary directed by filmmaker Issac Goeckeritz which profiles our transitional housing program. It originally aired in 2011 on PBS.

Permanent Supportive Housing: HVF has very limited units for permanent supportive housing. These participants are generally participants who have completed the transitional housing program but need continued intensive case management. Participants in this program also work from an individual  treatment plan and are expected to continue with case management and/or treatment. All PSH are also located in Ogden.

001SSVF (Supportive Services for Veteran Families) Rapid Re-housing and Homelessness Prevention: This program is a short-term program that offers case management and temporary financial assistance (such as security deposits, rental assistance, utilities assistance, etc.) to homeless veterans in the community. The goal of the SSVF program is to get homeless veterans into permanent housing as soon as possible. On a limited basis, there are also funds to assist high-risk, low-income veterans on the verge of losing their housing, to remain in permanent housing. The SSVF program covers the State of Utah (except Salt Lake County) and South Eastern Idaho.  SSVF is a VA funded program.

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