Summary of Services

Homeless Veterans Fellowship transforms lives by providing an array of essential services to homeless Veterans and their families.  Through various housing programs, HVF significantly contributes to the effort to end Veteran homelessness throughout the communities we serve.  Participants in our programs are assisted with connecting to important and valuable community resources, obtaining and maintaining housing stability, and increasing income and support.  HVF is part of a valuable network of community providers who work together to address the needs of the homeless community.

During 2021,

  • we served 355 Veteran households in our various housing programs.  In addition, 167 family members were served as part of these households, for a total of 522 clients served.
  • 88% of Veterans served in the Transitional Housing program were exited into permanent housing.
  • 69% of Veteran households served in the SSVF program were assisted in maintaining permanent housing or obtaining permanent housing.
  • 92% of Veterans served in Permanent Supportive Housing maintained permanent housing.

In pursuit of the mission of Homeless Veterans Fellowship, we are proud of the services we are able to provide to veterans and their families who have experienced homelessness or who were at risk of homelessness this past year.  In order to achieve these results, HVF staff participate in a variety of outreach activities throughout the state of Utah and Southern Idaho.  This included attending LHCC meetings, Coordinated Entry staffing meetings, direct street outreach to homeless populations and homeless shelters, direct contacts with property managers and landlords, and participating in community planning activities in the Utah Balance of State Continuum of Care, Utah Mountainlands Continuum of Care, and Regions 4 and 5 of the Idaho Balance of State Continuum of Care.

HVF values our relationships with all community partners who assist in the endeavor to address homelessness in our communities.  These relationships include donors, other community agencies, property managers and landlords, and participants.  We receive valuable feedback from these partners through surveys and direct communication.  Feedback from community partners indicate they are extremely satisfied with their experience working with HVF.